Online fiscalization

A complete software package for a state or commercial Fiscal Data Operator

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A rapid development of technology and a broadband access to the Internet have ensured the sustainable development of trade and its expansion.

At the same time state authorities which traditionally try to maximize tax collection, have encouraged the creation of the online systems that can totally control the sale of goods and services by private individuals. These are the examples:

  • Russia – 54-Federal law and creation of Fiscal data operators
  • Kazakhstan – Republic of Kazakhstan Finance Minister Order No. 206 dated February 16, 2018 on the application of cash registers
  • Ukraine – Law No. 2628-VIII dated 11/23/2018 on the application of cash registers
  • Belarus – Republic of Belarus Council of Ministers and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus Resolution No. 924/16 dated July 6, 2011 "(updated June 29, 2018 No. 514/9) on the use of cash registers
The purpose
of the software
The creation of a single database of legal entities, salespoints and purchasing data.
To provide reports for representative of public authorities via the set of automated workplaces various
The generation of aggregated reporting for various departments
advantages for
public authorities
The increase of tax collection and transparency of business at the state level
The monitoring of retail prices for different product groups
The analysis of goods and services consumption at the state level (lack/overproduction)
Solution advantages
for business
Facts about applying online cash registers:
A significant simplification of interaction with a tax service
A reduction of costs for equipment maintenance
A fair competition as a result of the modern financial tracking mechanisms implementation
Our online fiscalization service makes it possible to create your own fiscal data operator complex of any scale to transfer data of third-party legal entities to Federal Tax Service
  • A multifunctional back office
  • An easy cash registers integration
  • Flexible options for setting up tariff plans
  • The viewing of fiscal documents, sent to the Federal Tax Service
  • Customer’s personal accounts monitoring and statistics of the services of Fiscal data operator, contracts
  • Transaction data
  • Storage data in the fiscal data operator system
  • A role system, a differentiated data access for system users
Solution features
Legal entities, retail outlets, users database maintenance
Purchases registration
Electronic receipts can be sent of via SMS and E-mail
Electronic receipts inspection via the web application
Sales statistics display
Summary reports generation
Solution content
The solution is a set of web services, web-based and background applications. Herewith, the solution is logically divided into:
A core which contains references as well as mechanisms for their management and acquisition
Nodes that accumulate information about the performed operations
Each module has its own DBMS as well as a set of system services and various API.
Back office
A web application for software administration, technical monitoring provision and consolidated reporting generation
Front office for legal entities
A web application for registration and management of legal entities, retail outlets, users and other references as well as for viewing statistics and reporting
Front office for buyers
A web application for electronic receipts inspection that can be done by individual persons
A server for working with outlets
An application server that provides operations with outlets both online and in a real time mode
Background processes and threads
  • A sending of electronic receipts
  • External systems notification about the performed operations
  • A core internal diagnostics
Architectural scheme
Solution architecture
and technologies
PostgreSQL 11.x
Back office
Java Server Faces (PrimeFaces), Hibernate, JAX-RS
Front office
Spring, JAX-RS
Message broker:
Back end
Java, JDBC Templates, JAX-RS
Архитектурно система представляет решение с использованием центрального сервера и произвольным количеством фискальных модулей.
Solution improvements
Our company is ready to perform any modifications to provide a new functionality:
Tracking of shelf life for product batches
Tracking of supply chains
Tracking the balance of production, import and sale of goods
The monitoring of warehouse stocks
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