Kiosks for selling digital content

Modern digital content kiosks for sale of any digital product — activation keys, receipts with one-time codes instead of physical dispensing of scratch cards

Our company offers:
A complete hardware-software solution including self-service kiosk and specialized software
A supply of specialized software for the customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits:
Sales automation and cashiers replacement
Exclusion of physical media, full transfer to digital format
Ability to deploy websites, digital stores
Unlimited digital storefront
Acceptance of cash and non-cash payments, use of change for the next purchase
Back office for kiosk management, technical and financial data
Dispenser support for dispensing scratch cards if necessary
Business goal

Kiosks for sale of digital content can completely redirect business area for sale of activation codes and scratch cards to modern format. Kiosk owners no longer need to take care of tracking stored cards at the point of sale, use human resources for sales and bear the costs of producing single-use cards.

Widescreen kiosk with web interface allows to deploy an unlimited storefront with a variety of digital offers, that are always available, with the ability to print the purchased code on the receipt or for example send it to the specified E-mail.

Examples of digital keys:
Anti-malware, OS, video editors, dictionaries, etc.
Music services
Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Yandex.Music
Movies and online cinemas
ivi, Okko, Amediateka, Google Play Movies, Netflix
Computer games and entertainment
Payment and subscription cards
PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, Steam
Gift cards
Online stores, retail networks, beauty salons
Standard application scenarios
Kiosk at retail store
Process description:

Full transfer of the selling digital goods process into the payment kiosk interface, which is placed in the checkout area. The device with bright widescreen and modern interface will effectively demonstrate digital showcase. It is possible to register users by ID (phone number, E-mail) or sell one-time codes without authorization, personal account for registered users, bonus system, purchase history, etc.

Payment by bank card, cash, dispense of change is supported. Paid codes can be printed on receipt or sent to E-mail, via SMS or popular messengers.

An interface example:
Kiosk with digital content
at high customer flow areas

Independent content kiosk for the sale of digital codes and activation keys in shopping and business centers, metro stations, etc. Our software solution allows to open any existing website at the kiosk with minimal costs. As a result, if necessary, digital online store can organize the sale of activation codes and keys through self-service devices, including cash acceptance.

Large, attractive screen can be used simultaneously as an advertising platform for its owner and third-party products — our software includes a separate module, allows customer to independently upload banners and videos, as well as configure display and collect statistics across the entire kiosks network.

An interface example:
Kiosk with combined features
Process description:

Use of kiosk as universal platform not only for sale of digital content, but also for sale of other goods in the checkout area, as information and interactive system for assessing customer service quality, for paying regular payments. The prospects of the device are practically unlimited and functionality is determined only by the customer’s requirements.

An interface example:
monitoring system
System includes a technical monitoring module and an emergency alert module. A customer can monitor a kiosk's current status in real time, receive notifications about technical problems via SMS/E-mail/Telegram and promptly respond to it.
Update system
A built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to the planned schedule.
Taking into account the scale of automation, size of the business and the ultimate goal of the solution, it is possible:
To purchase a software license
To use cloud software monthly or by an annual subscription
Due to the various acquisition options for Pay-logic software, our solution is suitable for business of any scale.
Solution customization
and refinements
Standard refinements for customer solutions include:
A payment interface branding in corporate colors or using a white label concept
The integration of the kiosk system within the customer’s accounting system
Use of card dispensers for scratch cards if necessary
An advertising banners development
An adjusting payment scenario for specific business requirements
Adaptation to a new currency and language, including the creation of multilingual interfaces
Any software modifications are possible at the customer’s request!
Supply of turnkey
hardware-software solution
Thanks to long-term work experience in the payment software market we have established strong partnerships with reliable equipment manufacturers and we are ready to offer a complete solution in the format software + self-service kiosks for various business areas.
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