Self-service kiosks for

Utility companies
and mobile operators

Our company offers:
A complete hardware-software solution including a self‑service kiosk and a specialized software
A supply of specialized software for the customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits for utilities sector and mobile operators:
Single-window payments for regular services
The widest number of service providers
Reduce staff costs
Automated data entry
Usе kiosks as advertising panels
Kiosks can be used for marketing functions
(loyalty programs, to dispense discount coupons)
A business goal
Self-service and payment kiosks are a modern payment acceptance tools for cellular operators and utility companies. The flexibility of the software functionality, the variability of the equipment allows the installation at any points - mobile operators sales offices, utility companies offices, on the territory of residential complexes (entrances, parking) and at any crowded areas.
Implementation benefits:
Modern service technologies without cash registers
Increase the availability of payment tools, reduce overdue payments
A bright, stylized interface
Cash and non-cash payment
A personal user payment account
Payment cart, the functionality of split a single payment into several services
Flexible solution for change dispense - transfer to a mobile phone or use as future payment for services
Loyalty programs, discounts
Financial operations monitoring in the back office
Standard application
Installation of a kiosk in sales offices
Process description:

The kiosk allows to reduce or completely eliminate the cash node (compliance with 54-Federal law). The kiosk can not only accept payment for services, but also in the case of cellular operators sell goods - smartphones, accessories, prepaid cards. It is possible to use a full-fledged product showcase in the kiosk interface.

Automation of payment acceptance for utility services
Process description:
Install a kiosk in the area where utility service are providing (courtyards, entrances, parking lots) will allow residents to comfortably pay all services in one place with minimal interaction with the system. They only need to bring receipts to the barcode scanner or webcam, check the services in the payment cart and make one payment in cash or by bank card. There is also support payer identification by ID, automatic data display on available charges and debts. Software provides verification of the entered data and payment details, which is eliminate errors and reduce claim work.
Point of additional payments acceptance
Process description:
The payment kiosk acts as a modern, effective tool for receiving payments, as well as a platform that can be used indefinitely to provide all payment options to third-party companies, providers and banks. In this case, the kiosk owner will receive a stable income as a percentage of payments made, the kiosk will attract more taxpayers and generate cross-payments and additional payments.
Interactive advertising platform
Process description:
The stable demand for kiosks from users to pay for various services allows us to use all the possibilities of our software to organize the advertisement display - interactive banners and videos, in idle and in operating process. The owner can advertise both own services and sell advertising spaces. The advertising module provides a flexible setting of the display frequency, places, display linking to the users actions. There is a display and interactions count and advertising campaigns effectiveness monitoring.
Increase payers interest via loyalty programs
Process description:
The software allows to use various promotional functions - accumulative bonuses for exchanging for real prizes in the sales offices, discounts for timely payments, one-time balance refills with a certain amount and much more. All this even more attracts payers to making payments through kiosks, in addition the right installation site will increase the competitiveness of the solution in comparison with other payment instruments.
A technical monitoring system
System includes a technical monitoring module and an emergency alert module. A customer can monitor a kiosk's current status in real time, receive notifications about technical problems via SMS/E-mail/Telegram and promptly respond to it.
An update system
A built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to the planned schedule.
Software acquisition
Taking into account the scale of automation, size of the business and the ultimate goal of the solution, it is possible:
To purchase a software license
To use cloud software monthly or by an annual subscription
Due to the various acquisition options for Pay-logic software, our solution is suitable for small, medium-sized systems and large business.
and customization
Standard refinements for customer solutions include:
Branding of a payment interface in corporate colors or using a white-label concept
Kiosk system integration with external accounting system
A transfer of the change to a mobile phone account at self-service kiosks
Advertising banners development
Payment scenario adjustment for specific business requirements
Adaptation to a new currency and language, including a creation of multilingual interfaces
Development of an individual design for each screen, creation of different business logic and behavior models for users via interface
Any software modifications are possible at customer’s request!
Additional features
for business

We are implement a complete solution for combine payment kiosk with vending machine. The functionality allows not only to sell coffee, snacks, additional goods, but also to dispense them free of charge if the payer performs certain actions — pay for bills on time, make overpayments for a certain amount or receive discounts when pay for utility services for purchase snacks or drinks through a vending machine.

Supply of a turnkey
Thanks to long-term work experience in the payment software market we have established strong partnerships with reliable equipment manufacturers and we are ready to offer a complete solution in the format software + self-service kiosks for various business areas
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