deposit machines

Complete software for deposit machines

Our company offers:
A complete hardware-software solution including automatic deposit machines from our partners and our specialized software
A supply of specialized software for the customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits:
Online deposit of funds to current account in self-service mode
Reduce costs by lowering staff costs
Automation of operational processes
Improve security by checking bills when dispensing and reduce the number of cash collections
Ability to pay regular payments
Business goal

Our specialized software for automatic deposit machines in conjunction with modern device models allows bank or other financial institution to provide their customers with a new level of cash deposit service.

At the same time, due to cost optimization and increased efficiency, solution owner can offer users more competitive rates and attract even more legal entities.

Implementation benefits:
Tracking banknote deposit operations in real time, personal accounting of transactions for each user
Online crediting of deposited cash to bank account
Printing transaction data (amount of deposited banknotes, denomination, total amount of deposited cash)
Integration with core banking and other banking systems
Flexible setup and modification of cash deposit scenarios
Technical online monitoring of device's operations and components, fullness of boxes
Individual color design and interface branding
Using deposit machine as payment kiosk — acceptance of cash and non-cash payments in favor of various service providers

Support for sorters and bill acceptors with various banknote processing speed options, machine-readable authentication (2CIS, UV, MG, IR, FIT, S/N), with complete exclusion of the risk of accepting fake banknotes

Use of cash cassettes and cash collection boxes of various capacities with mechanical locks

Use of 1 class burglary resistant safes with safe and electronic locks

Optional installation of barcode and QR code scanner, surveillance camera, POS-terminal, card reader, encrypted PIN-keyboard

Support for ability to return banknotes after recounting in case of cancellation by the client (escrow system)

Our software supports large number of payment and related equipment used for various automatic deposit machines. If necessary, we are ready to perform custom integration of peripheral devices, which are already part of the customer’s existing deposit machines.
High pricing retail

In addition to using in the banking sector for cash deposit and storage, deposit machines can be used for the full replacement of cash nodes, for example, in car dealerships centers. In this case, client deposits large amounts of cash through the device, receives change after payment in cash or directly to a bank card.

Deposit machine eliminates high costs for the monthly maintenance of the cash node, which is serviced by the bank at a car dealership, provides automated payment acceptance for large amounts of cash and cashless payments, make available modern payment process to a wide range of companies and business areas.

Automation of transport enterprises

Deposit machines effectively solve the problem of automated deposit of revenue received as fare. Along with the banknotes receiving module, deposit machines are additionally equipped with specialized coin modules for receiving and automatically counting (up to 1000 coins per minute) a large number of coins for further deposit.

Our software already supports integration with a large number of bill acceptors and several coin acceptors with the function of counting and depositing coins. If necessary, we are ready to provide integration with more complex coin processing devices, including counting and sorting at face value.

Deposit machines network management
All devices are combined in a single back office with custom access, depending on the roles of employees.
Control system allows:
Monitoring and diagnostics of deposit machines and all internal components
Tracking of deposit operations, paying for services (if functional available) and online cash collection
Data transfer on fullness (cash boxes, receipt paper)
Event notifications via SMS, E-mail, Telegram
Logging and data storage about all actions and events
Update system
A built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to the planned schedule.
Software acquisition
Taking into account the scale of automation, size of the business and ultimate goal of the solution, it is possible:
To purchase software license
To use cloud software monthly or by an annual subscription
Due to the various acquisition options for Pay-logic software, our solution is suitable for banks and financial institutions of any size.
Solution customization
and refinements
Standard refinements for customer solutions include:
A payment interface branding in corporate colors or using a white label concept
Integration with the customer’s accounting system
An adjusting payment scenario for specific business requirements
An advertising banners development
Adaptation to a new currency and language, including the creation of multilingual interfaces
Any software modifications are possible at the customer’s request!
Supply of turnkey
hardware-software solution
Thanks to long-term work experience in the payment software market we have established strong partnerships with reliable equipment manufacturers and we are ready to offer a complete solution in the format software + self-service devices for various business areas.
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