Automated ticket box office for entertainment events — development and implementation of software for ticket kiosks

Our company offers:
A complete hardware-software solution including a self‑service kiosk and a specialized software
A supply of specialized software for the customer’s existing equipment, with possibility of adaptation and customization, as well as software development from scratch
Key benefits for ticketing systems:
Alternative ticket purchase channel
Increase speed and quality of service
Reduce staff costs
Usе kiosks as advertising panels
Usе kiosks for marketing functions
(dispense discount coupons)
A self-service creation of events, setting a price policy
A combine of multiple sites in one kiosk
Integration with the ticket website with minimal cost
A business goal
Ticket kiosks are a modern format for tickets sale for various leisure, entertainment and sport events. It is possible to install ticket kiosk directly at the venues where events are organizing, as well as at any other places with big people flow.
Implementation benefits:
Modern service technologies without cash registers
A bright, interactive interface
Sale of admission tickets
Sale of tickets for a reserved seating events
Cash and non-cash payment
Discount systems - cards, coupons and other loyalty programs
Standard application
Selection and purchase of a ticket
via the kiosk
Process description:

The kiosk interface allows to conveniently and quickly purchase a ticket for a session, a concert, a sport or any other event. The kiosk may include a repertoire of local venues or events at installation place, as well as general ticket integrators offers in case of installation in places with high customer flow.

Payment and print
of a reserved ticket
Process description:
The software interface allows the tickets purchase both through the kiosk and remotely on the customer's website. A client can pay for a previously selected ticket on the website at the kiosk by a bank card and also in cash, confirm a reservation and print a ticket at special blank or a one-time pass with a barcode.
Sales organization with reserved
seating events and entrance tickets
Process description:
A large number of one-time entrance tickets sale for public events, exhibitions or reserved seating events - with choice of hall, sector, lodge at the seat map.
The use of the kiosk as a single
window for all venues
Process description:
Connection of all sports and leisure establishments, for example, in the shopping and entertainment center area and sell of a tickets through a single device with a flexible tariff policy, loyalty programs, the ability to pay for additional services.
Integration with
ticket websites

If a customer has their own website, our kiosk software allows to display the site’s functionality in the interface with minimal implementation costs, giving user a free choice of location, session, time, etc. After selection the tickets and confirmation the payment amount, customer’s website transfers control to the kiosk for making a payment using the simplest Json API call. Implementation example available at link.

Application areas
A ticket kiosk is easily adaptable to all types of venues:
Cinemas, theaters
Stadiums, arenas, ice rinks
Leisure facilities - skating rinks, bowling, entertainment centers
Concert venues
Museums, exhibitions
Amusement parks
Built-in marketing options
System includes back-office, which allows to remotely set up advertising campaigns for both customer services and third-party advertising; to collect detailed statistics.
Interactive advertising
The kiosk includes all the modern possibilities of interactive advertising - video, banners, animation. Fullscreen ads on the screen in idle mode.
Flexible options
A specialized advertising module allows for flexible customization of advertisement display based on time, place, marketing strategy. Display monitoring, user interaction with advertising is supported.
Technical monitoring system
System includes a technical monitoring module and an emergency alert module. A customer can monitor a kiosk's current status in real time, receive notifications about technical problems via SMS/E-mail/Telegram and promptly respond to it.
Update system
A built-in update system allows to quickly make any changes at software and upload it to the kiosks according to the planned schedule.
Software acquisition
Taking into account the scale of automation, size of the business and the ultimate goal of the solution, it is possible:
To purchase a software license
To use cloud software monthly or by an annual subscription
Due to the various acquisition options for Pay-logic software, our solution is suitable for small, medium-sized systems and large ticket business.
Solution refinements
Standard refinements for customer solutions include:
Branding of a payment interface in corporate colors or using a white-label concept
Kiosk system integration with external accounting system
A transfer of the change to a mobile phone account at self-service kiosks
Advertising banners development
Payment scenario adjustment for specific business requirements
Adaptation to a new currency and language, including a creation of multilingual interfaces
Development of an individual design for each screen, creation of different business logic and behavior models for users via interface
Any software modifications are possible at customer’s request!
of integrated
ticketing systems
Our company has been developing complex high-load applications since 2008 and can offer a complete development of ticketing system, including:
  • A back office development
  • A full-featured accounting system
  • A mobile application development
  • Organizing a custom access control system
Supply of a turnkey
hardware-software solution
Thanks to long-term work experience in the payment software market we have established strong partnerships with reliable equipment manufacturers and we are ready to offer a complete solution in the format software + self-service kiosks for various business areas
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