of equipment
and controllers
Our features and custom peripheral integration capabilities
We are ready to implement controllers in various IoT systems, as well as to organize network infrastructure and information analytics tools.
Our developments can be used in various fields:

Smart equipment — showcases, refrigerators, scanners, digital merchandising. Tracking the staff and visitors movement based on video analytics systems and beacons.

Face recognition for individual marketing offers, to determine reference to the target group and analysis of preferences.


Creation of smart warehouse systems, data synchronization on remaining goods and their use when ordering products. Tracking the receipt/issue of products, implementation of devices for working with RFID tags.

Implementation of modern courier technologies, parcel lockers with various storage conditions.


Collection and processing of data from equipment and environmental sensors, taking into account short-term and long-term factors to increase overall efficiency by analyzing the consumption of capital goods (for example, energy consumption)

Improve the safety of employees and the general level of labor protection (tracking the wearing of protective clothing, strict access to special areas).

Housing and communal services
Automation of remote reception of online data from individual metering devices, cost accounting, reporting visualization, notifications for consumers and the management company.
Access control systems

Creation of special zones using RFID tags, scanners, frames, turnstiles, video recordings.

Organization of paid or limited access to sectors. Monitoring the presence of people in areas according to conditions.

Smart home/office
The combination of all devices and mechanisms — household appliances, locks, life support systems into a single system for centralized or remote management and control, with reference to certain individuals.
Smart city
Tracking, control and management of transport infrastructure (public transport, parking, road network), public safety systems and city property systems.
Why choose us?
+ 10000
Work experience with 10 000+ hardware and software devices within a single system — ensuring their interaction, data exchange and data collection
We are one of the most experienced teams in Russia in the integration of various equipment types. Our experts have 10+ years of experience in implementing and configuring communication via COM and USB ports, implementing solutions based on Raspberry Pi microcomputers
Our experience with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) means the ability to create a modern wireless network space for a huge number of peripherals, as well as the basis for IoT systems
The staff of the company includes developers of back offices, integration web services, mobile applications
Implemented cases
We regularly expand the number of supported equipment following the requirements of our customers within the types and application areas of devices. Offer your case and we will integrate all the necessary peripherals.
How we integrate new equipment
Physical presence of the device in our office is required
Integration takes from 1 to 4 weeks
The cost of integration depends on time, average time from 40 to 160 man-hours
for cooperation

We strive to build partnerships with manufacturers of peripheral equipment in various fields.

Strong cooperation with reliable partners allows our company to provide a high-quality, complete, adaptive solution for customers of all sizes.

If you are a Russian or foreign manufacturer of devices in the field of self-service, automation of goods/services sale, IoT, as well as the Industrial Internet of Things, including using Big Data and are interested in creating a single software and hardware complex with modern, multifunctional software, contact us!
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