Payment hub


Payment Hub is a high-tech software package that performs the functions of a payment router and provides the possibility to make payments from various money sources and payment instruments using payment gateways.

Software allows to solve such key tasks for banks as reducing costs, increasing profitability and increasing customer loyalty.

A payment channels combination
Remote banking services, interactive payment kiosks, cash desks, ATMs and agents workplaces are combined into a single entry point - unification, simplification and cost reduction
It is possible to select service providers according to a certain algorithms
Revenue optimization from payments processing
It is possible to switch payment streams quickly
Improve a service quality, reduce claims, increase customer loyalty
It is possible to expand a payments list
One can use standard methods increasing the number of service providers without serious labor costs. This is possible in an automatic mode.
and providers
Russian Standard Bank
MTS Bank
SMP Bank
Bank Credit Dnepr
Finca Bank
Tricolor TV
Yandex Money
Gazprom Mezhregiongas
RBK Money
Service providers
Over 1000 implemented payment gateways to aggregators and directly to service providers (mobile operators, major federal providers, money transfer systems, etc.)
An automatic download list of services from the aggregators, including an automatic generation of scenarios for sales channels
It is possible to work directly with service providers, including cellular operators, utilitу services, etc.
A dynamic payment routing according to various criterias, including but not limited by the revenue, availability of funds at the balance sheet of the provider
An automatic re-processing of erroneous payments, setting the number of attempts and total time
Setting up revisions of any level of complexity with suppliers, using both registries and in online mode
Monitoring of payments processing and online data verification, a rapid response to reduced service levels, lower financial and reputational losses
Payment Hub includes all necessary reports for analyzing financial arrangements with service providers, cash flow accounting and settling with counterparties
It is possible to create payment gateways independently via the universal mechanisms
It is possible to work with suppliers through both web services (rest, json, xml) and registries (txt, csv, dbf, xls)
Integration with sales
Payment Hub system provides functional API for the integration with various bank sales channels (ATMs, self-service kiosks, cash desks, remote banking services, etc.). It is possible to implement API of the bank to accelerate the integration process.
We can provide our own software for various bank channels:
Software for information and payment kiosks
All possible services and scenarios set up in the Payment Hub, an interface branding, cash and bank card acceptance, a technical monitoring of devices in the back office, deployment of bank services at the kiosks - card statements, a connection to remote banking services, loan applications, bonus systems, etc.
Cashier's workplace software
A full-featured stand-alone application that allows to process payments for all services configured in the Payment Hub, to support and account the cash desk shifts, print reports according to the bank request, integration with core banking and CRM
ATM solution
There is a possibility to use a Web extension technology, a page for selecting services, a completion of script and making payments are displayed centrally from the Payment Hub
Online banking solution
A stylized payment page in the frame within the Internet Bank, allows to display all services and scenarios from Payment Hub
Payment Hub provides an opportunity to expand the geography of one's business coverage, as well as to increase the payment flow through bank payment agents.
The system lets operate using both its own functional API, and other popular aggregator protocols (Cyberplat, Rapida, Qiwi) to simplify the procedure of agent connecting.
Integration with
banking systems
Integration with card processing and core banking
Payment hub supports mechanism of reservation and withdrawal of funds from the customers during the payment processing. In case of withdrawing from cards, Hub is integrated with the card processing of the bank, and in case of withdrawing from the accounts, with the core banking.
Integration with the core banking for accounting
It is a functional and flexible mechanism for configuring the accounting model, banking days and generating bank entries. It is possible to configure rules for forming entries, a format, a data type and a frequency of loading into the bank’s accounting system, viewing status and detailed information for each entry.
Integration with other banking systems
Payment Hub supports various integrations with other banking systems, such as Fraud monitoring services, ATMs and self-service kiosks monitoring systems, loyalty systems, etc. Integration can be carried out directly and through the integration bus, if it is used in the bank.
Payment Hub
Interaction with the government services
Payment automation of traffic fines, taxes, utility bills, access to government information services, simplified identification services. At the moment gateways to Public information system for regional and local payments, housing and public utilities, Federal migration service, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, using IEIS have already been integrated.
Subscriptions and auto payment system
Payment Hub provides a built-in mechanism to work with charges and auto payments. It supports an automatic data acquisition on debts, fines and other subscribers' charges from the service providers, as well as auto payment services management by the balance threshold. A full management of customer subscriptions through API in all bank channels, including periodic payments, allows to implement the service within a single system of Payment Hub.
Fraud monitoring system
It includes detection and prevention of fraudulent actions in both manual and automatic mode, setting flexible rules for fraud-control, analyzing suspicious payments, identity verification using special databases of people involved in terrorist financing, money laundering and other illegal actions, as well as invalid documents databases and other databases in accordance with the legislation.
Reporting subsystem
Operational and analytical reporting in the Payment Hub system allows to receive both financial and technical information on all aspects of the system. Adding own reports of any complexity allows a bank not to be limited by the current functionality and provides unlimited possibilities for the system operations monitoring.
Agent subsystem
A comprehensive work with bank payment agents implemented in the Payment Hub allows the bank to enlarge a payment volume via Payment Hub, to increase its presence in regions by using agent payment acceptance points, and thereby to gain an additional profit from this business segment. Our company’s solution allows to fully automate all processes related to work with agents, to set up commissions and fees, to make mutual settlements and exchange reports, to build complex hierarchy of both agents and subagents and to distinguish structural units within the bank itself, its branches, offices and its other structures.
Claims module
Payment Hub includes a comprehensive workplace for both call center employees and customer support, allows to find customer payments quickly, to track a life cycle of their processing and make various manipulations. The module includes tools for payment automatic cancellation by service providers, payment control tools for operations which can be fulfilled by the supervising employees (risk managers, etc.).
Why choose us
Implementation to the largest financial structures of Russia and CIS countries
Largest banks and mobile operators have chosen Pay-logic Payment Hub for solving their business tasks
Intellectual payment routing
Automatic selection of aggregator or provider for payment processing depending on the remuneration, service availability, amount of completed transactions, etc.
High performance of the solution
It supports both horizontal and vertical scaling of all server components of the system without any additional licence fees
Fault tolerance
To ensure the fault-tolerant work, the system uses modern approaches to duplicate components, to mirror DBMS and to build a comprehensive fault-tolerant cluster.
Our company is of high security competence and Payment Hub meets all the security requirements applied to such systems.
This complex offers standard extensible API, embedded SDK and universal integration tools that allow banks to implement independently any new payment gateways, add service providers and deploy them within the sales channels.
We provide full technical support within the implementation process and further use of the solution. Different options of technical support are available depending on the desired SLA level. Payment hub is an out-of-the-box software product, which can be updated without any additional charge as a part of technical support.
One project includes
10 000 +
Payment points
100 000 +
Payments per hour
0.9 sec
Average payment processing time
1.3 Billion
Total number of payments
processed at the end of 2018
Supply options
License purchase
Cloud service
Licensed parts
Solution core
Client license packages
Additional modules
Source codes
Minimum license cos
$ 20 000
Minimum cost of server hardware
$ 10 000*
Additional software cost
Basic solution support (% of license cost per year)
15 %
Total minimum investments
$ 30 000 * - ability to use cloud service
Licensed parts
Solution core
Client license packages
Additional modules
Cost of services using cloud
From $ 1000/month
Additional software cost
Complex maintenance
Basic solution support
  • System configuration
  • Adding new services
  • Payment problems analysis 
  • Consultations on the system
Administration of the complex
  • Configuration of the system software
  • Payment software update
  • OS components update
  • Performance monitoring
  • Ability to operate 24/7
Improvements of the complex
  • New functionality implementation
  • Connection of the new services
  • Mobile platforms refinement
Staff required for support by the customer
Staff required for support and self-development of the complex by the customer himself
Basic level
Only a business analyst. In this case, all the work on the system is performed by the Soft-logic company
Advanced level
A business analyst, a complex support specialist
Staff required for support and self-development of the complex by the customer himself
Maximum level
A business analyst, a complex support specialist, a java developer, mobile application developers
Complex launching
Preliminary requirements analysis
Estimation of cost and terms of work
Remote installation of solution components via remote channels (ssh)
Carrying out various integrations
Launch of providers, SMS-providers, integration with bank/financial company subsystems
Initial complex setup, adding initial pool of services
Comprehensive testing
The solution is given to the customer
Mandatory work
  • Operating system configuration
  • Installation and configuration of PostgreSQL DBMS
  • Installation and configuration of Apache web server
  • Firewall setup
  • Installation and configuration of GlassFish application servers
  • Deploy of Pay-logic components
  • Solution initial setup
Additional work
  • Development and integration of individual design — from 300 working hours/from 2 months for 1 platform
  • Provider connection — from 20 working hours/from 4 days
  • Integration with bank/financial institution systems — from 80 working hours/from 3 weeks
From $ 5 000
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