MTS Bank

In January 2015, MTS-Bank organized a «Payment Hub» tender. Initially MTS-Bank used different software solutions integrated by a large number of different service providers, that made their management and optimization of work rather complicated, as all providers had their own management solutions, interface and own procedures. This circumstance caused certain difficulties in the further development of the bank's payment instruments and reduced it’s ability to extract profits from all processes.

According to the results of «Payment Hub», Soft-logic company was declared the winner and Pay-logic processing center software product was chosen as the most suitable solution for solving tasks. Preparatory phase of implementation was the time-consuming process of forming requirements between bank and Soft-logic company. At this stage specialists of Soft-logic company together with large customer’s team carried out coordinated work on the formation of requirements and create plans for the implementation of the project, including certain deadlines and further actions for their implementation.

Working draft included 4 steps:

  • Implementation of payment hub in passive mode. Hub was integrated with two information systems of the bank: processing center (for making payments and transfers) and connecting to remote banking service (for making payments to external service providers)
  • Transferring all existing service providers in the bank's system to the new system in operational mode. At the same time was implemented interaction with Core banking for uploading entries and implementation in accounting model. At the same stage was set up payment routing
  • Integration with kiosk software. Soft-logic company has implemented new interface for payment kiosks, provided integration with equipment and Transmaster card processing
  • Connection of cash registers in all branded MTS sales offices to a single system and their further management and control
The success of this implementation means a significant simplification of work for our specialists. Reducing the resource and time costs for its process of implementation cannot be overemphasized. Implementation of new product showed excellent performance indicators for our bank and high level of professionalism of our contractors - Soft-logic company, allowed to solve these large-scale tasks in an objectively short time
Oksana Vorobyeva
Head manager of the «Payment Hub» project, MTS Bank
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