NTS Pay is the developer and manufacturer of the first automated vending machine that offers payment for various services in addition to dispensing of high-quality coffee. Company use latest technologies and modern solutions for electronic payments in Romania. NTS Coffee project, launched in May 2015 on the territory of Romania began with 7 coffee vending machines, in 2019 were installed more than 700 devices and provide active export to the Russian Federation and EU countries.

Pay-logic processing center is the basis for providing all functionality of paying for services in vending machines as part of the project of combining the coffee machine with functionality of payment kiosk in Romania. Vending machine interface offers services for receiving payments in favor of cellular operators, utility services and Internet. When paying for cellular operator services, client gets any drink for free. Extremely popular functionality is the dispense of free drink, snack or discount coupon for timely payment of utility bills, as result, provider increases amount of timely payments and customer loyalty. Change can be dispensed in cash or transferred as payment for any service.
Network of vending machines is managed through back-office of Pay-logic processing center. In addition to monitoring payments, technical condition of the components, tracking events also records fullness of the payment periphery, containers for coffee beans, disposable cups, various ingredients. All device information is also available in the back office mobile application.

Centralized management of vending kiosks and full-featured statistics allow to track low-profit, out-of-demand points and timely change their future placement strategy. At the same time supporting technical stability of the whole complex. These factors are main for any network of self-service kiosks and successful development of the vending business.
Project demonstrates capabilities of Pay-logic software to build customized solutions for accepting payments in various areas that can provide unique opportunities for customers and positive experience from using self-service devices by end users.
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