Pay-logic processing update version 5.5.6

Improvements in version 5.5.6

On the page “Agent – Statistics – Report on second-level agents”, “Services”, “Grouping”: “By providers”, “By services” have been added to the filter.

On the “Agent – Agents” editing page, adding additional debits and debits for account replenishment is implemented through dialog boxes instead of going to a separate page.

On the “Dispatch – Fraud detection – Detection rules” page, a dialog to confirm the action when deleting a rule has been added.

For the cash-out module functionality of sending SMS messages with a QR code has been implemented to receive money at cash register or using self-service device.

Improvements in version 5.145

Kiosk software has been transferred to work with java 17.

Improved logging of interaction with the BPS C1 ADM device.

Removed unused offline cash register drivers.

Improvements in version 7.145

For the card dispensing machine it is possible to change the file sending timeout by setting the value of the store.content.worker.timeout parameter in the java.properties file.

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