Raspberry Pi support at Soft-logic solutions

Soft-logic company's specialists reported the launch of a kiosk software based on Raspberry Pi 3. Use of kiosk software, based on Raspberry Pi 3 is due to the desire to create a mass, cheap self-service devices with extensive monitoring and customization. Usually, when planning to build a kiosk network, business-unit allocates a limited budget per every kiosk equipment and making every effort to reduce its final cost. In this case, solutions build on Raspberry Pi 3 may be particularly useful and become a key advantage.

Raspberry Pi 3 price is 35 USD, while similar cost of computer components, which use in kiosk – processor 60 USD, motherboard 40 USD, DDR2 RAM 10 USD, HDD 20 USD. Total ~ 130 USD.

It is worth mentioning that the power consumption of devices very different. Raspberry Pi 3 at peak load consumes only 12.5 watts per hour and the consumption of average computer is 100-150 watts.

Raspberry Pi 3 is a single-board computer, with the size of a credit card, equipped with a 4-core processor ARM Cortex-A53 x64 1,2 GHz, LPDDR2 RAM (900 MHz), GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV with 400-792 MHz frequency, supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.1. MicroSD card used as memory device. Raspberry Pi includes 40 GPIO ports for connection and management of various devices.

A feature of Soft-logic company’s solutions is cross-platform option. It is based on a single platform with support for Windows, Linux systems and ARM architecture. Having the installer for Windows and RPM for Linux (CentOs / RedHat / Fedora). Easy adjustment of kiosk software provides flexible network deployment.

Soft-logic company have ready-made solutions for creation of kiosk software to the specific needs of the customer, the main purpose of this solutions is to reduce costs and increase functionality. Use of Raspberry Pi 3 in the kiosk equipment is an important step to miniaturization, which open a new market area for self-service devices.

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